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Temat: Speaking of cases

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Speaking of cases, the Day-Date Oyster case for rolex replica 2013 is offered in two 18k yellow gold cases, two rose (Rolex's Everose) gold cases, and two white gold cases. No steel, and you aren't likely to see any steel models as Rolex only produces the Day-Date in precious replica watches sale metals. If you want a platinum model in a neat color then perhaps all you need to do is wait a few years. I don't know if rolex replica sale intends to continue with these colorful creations or if it is just an experiment. When it comes to playing with color they have mostly done so on their lady's pieces - which of course will be a major consumer of these new rolex replica Day-Date models, but again I think some guys will dig them. In addition to the cases being in gold replica watches uk (and lovely they are), the hands and hour markers, as well as the strap's folding buckles are in gold.

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