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Temat: Useful refusal

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Each of us in this world lives with his own representation of all entities in this world, his vision and attitude to everything around him. This is both correct and somewhat disruptive in terms of the disunity of people, the absence of uniform norms, standards, concepts and understanding of being. So today I will give you another news, presented from a different angle, unusual for the philistine and everyday life of the 21st century, but still!

Scientists have found out when rejecting sex is useful
In some cases, abstinence strengthens relationships.

The article of experts is published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. The study consisted of two stages. In the first, 185 volunteers parti(wulg.)ted: 90 men and 95 women from 18 to 68 years. Based on the results of the survey, scientists assessed SCSS - a person's ability to understand whether his partner wants to have sex. In addition, another characteristic, SCSN, was defined. It reflected the person's ability to understand that his partner does not want sex. In the event that one insisted on proximity and the other refused, the level of satisfaction with the relationship was assessed.

It was shown that people with high SCSN reacted less negatively to the partner's refusal to have sex and were more satisfied with the relationship. It did not depend on the gender of the person.

In the second part of the study, 255 married couples took part, for which SCSS and SCSN were also assessed, the degree of sexual satisfaction, desires, and readiness to understand the partner's point of view if he does not agree with the respondent's point of view.

It turned out that women were more in need of a man with a higher SCSN than men. Scientists attribute this to the fact that couples have children, and mothers spend more energy and energy on their child.

Did you know that sex can shorten life? On these and other questions you will find the answers here: By the way friends, subscribe more actively, all the fun is yet to come!

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