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Temat: more attention to the quality of life

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This week, the event notice once launched will attract a large number of consumers and the industry's attention, many readers call the organizers to consult the activities related issues. Exchange activities to promote the overall flooring culture Today, the floor has become a modern home improvement is essential one of the main,cheapest three feet high fencing
the brand floor also has a different product style and cultural heritage. People pay more and more attention to the quality of life, the pursuit of nature and enjoy the wood culture today, many consumers have entered the floor of the misunderstanding. Many readers reflect the floor label on a wide variety of material description, grade markings,roof garden deck
a variety of styles are a lot of headaches, and the complexity of the floor pavement thing is to make people carelessly. The floor of the exhibition site in Nanjing, the front line of well-known brand floor have "battle" show, to consumers in detail and show their brand floor of the connotation, including the floor material type,lamiate floor at front door threshold

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