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is a medium price floor intermediate solutions, product stability, with the basic characteristics of mass flow, its performance Very stable, the use of a very wide range, the use of very convenient, so no complicated after-sales service work. The following is the second theme of our meeting today, Lvfeng floor to send laminated floor investment instructions.porch wood railing for sale
Li Feng floor of the concept is to create a win-win share. We build the system is a flat distribution system We will set up stores and franchise stores, make full use of channel feedback, by reducing the distribution of links, the greatest benefits back to our agents and channels. This is the basic requirement for the abundance floor dealer,villa garden deck
these requirements are very easy to meet some of the requirements. The first is a legitimate business qualifications, have a certain management experience, with a certain amount of money and good credit status, willing to sign and abercrombie and fitch, and comply with the relevant norms in the city where there are independent stores.lattice fence panel kit schematic

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