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Temat: Peter Moore and Patrick

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Peter Moore and Patrick Bach are on date to allocution about Battlefield.1.24pm: Peter Moore is all in atramentous he looks like a cunning magician.1.26pm: EA DICE has arise Battlefield 3 Premium, a new agenda associates arrangement for the game, with new adventurous features, acceptance to 5 new themed agenda amplification packs. It's Anxiety of Assignment Elite, for Battlefield. Affectionate of.1.27pm

"That's hundreds of hours of cast new Battlefield 3 content." says Peter Moore. You can accompany today. Added on the cable ante later.1.28pm: EA is now assuming some of the new maps and weapons in Battlefield 3 Premium over 10 anniversary vehicles, added customisation, altered dog tags. Added adventurous modes, etc.1.29pm: Bioware are in the house! Ray Muzyka is on date to allocution about Old Republic.1.30pm

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