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The admirers says 'More City, beneath ville' - a big advertence to Zynga of course. Cheeky scamps.Lucy says it will be out in a few weeks.1.21pm: We're on to Sim City, the PC version. A bivouac shows the abundant new visuals, multiplayer functionality and the actuality that players can acquire to specialise their city, apperception on, say, power, industry, sports, etc.1.23pm

The choices oyu accomplish for your city-limits will affect the cities of your accompany based in the aforementioned online district. If you argument a burger bar name to "Simcity" at 44144 you get a adventitious to name the aboriginal burger collective in the game!Keep it clean, folks.1.24pm: John is aback on stage. He's pointing to Jason West and Vince Zampella in the army 0 they get a barrage of approval from the army - they did the aforementioned action endure year!

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