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Temat: Jagex uncovers interesting RuneScape up-dates for 2016

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RuneScape gamers are now being guaranteed a number of contemporary content in 2016 because the long-running online multi-player activity makes to enjoy its Fifteenth birthday.

Launched in 2001 by Phil and John Gower and today generated by the company they established, Cambridge-based Jagex, RuneScape has a gamer group that covers the globe.

The Gowers is going to be coming back as visitor developers for any 'Gower Quest', due for launch in springtime 2016, while a product new activity customer technological innovation to improve feel of activity globe Gielnor may also be presented, along with four missions that determine the 'God Wars' story, which started in 2013. Furthermore, Innovation - a product new expertise - is going to be taken to the experience, enabling gamers to customise weaponry and shield, making them more officially innovative.

RuneScape Silver will even have fun with the revelry, using the discharge of the entire new region, Zeah, which is going to be presented in three areas throughout 2016. Old School - a vintage form of the experience - will even achieve its three-year landmark. An eSports competition using the sport's lately released Deadman Method will require place after Goal 2016. More information on this can follow at the start of the New Season, say Jagex.

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