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Temat: [HARDCORE CRUSADER GUIDE] The Divine Warrior - How to become an unstoppable force on Torment

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Guide moje autorstwa, być może przetłumaczę go na język polski w wolnej chwili: /

4. SKILLS -VIABLE (other abilities that you might want to pick up, depending on your personal preferences)
6. BALANCING YOUR STATISTICS & GEARING (potential BiS items that are worth looking at)
8. SOLO PLAY AND CO-OP PLAY (differences between both, what follower to pick for use etc.)
9. USEFUL LINKS (as an example:
10. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to become an unstoppable force of destruction on Torment difficulty - INTRODUCTION
I wrote countless guides throughout all the years of my gaming career and received immensely positive feedback. I came back to Diablo 3 very recently, used to play barbarian on hardcore before the infamous inferno nerf. Some of you might know me for my barbarian guide which became the most popular diablo guide on the web with over 250,000 views.
Right now I am playing a crusader on hardcore, my aim being nothing less than world first clear of torment VI. I have no softcore experience whatsover thus this guide might not apply to some of you that do not play hardcore (with that being said, you might still find a lot of useful information here)
Now, onto the guide itself.
While on softcore you should aim for having as much damage as possible with a bare minimum EHP value, that is not the case for hardcore.
Punish /w Fury Rune
15% additional block chance on top of 15% crit chance makes this skill exceptionally good. Be sure to use your Shield Bash ability and not Punish upon Hardened Senses block proc in order to maximize your damage output.
Shield Bash /w Shattered Shield Rune
Piro Marella makes this skill insanely good though even if you do not have the shield, it is still one of the best choices for this specific build. Be sure to have at least 28% block chance on your shield to make this skill as effective as possible.
Heaven's Fury /w Ascendancy Rune
INSANE amounts of AoE DMG, probably one the best damage abilities in Crusader's arsenal. No actual wrath cost makes this skill even better. Fate of the Fell makes this ability A MUST choice.
Steed Charge /w Endurance Rune
Really good for getting out of shitty situations, also makes you immune to cc (though this is not a cc breaker). And of course 3 second long immortality being the most important aspect of this ability. If you don't feel like you need this, you could replace this with an offensive ability.
Laws of Justice /w Immovable Object Rune
This is really, really good for survival, if your gear is not that great this ability is even better. As you acquire better gear, you might want to replace this for Laws of Valor with 100% crit damage boost (that affects your entire party!). As for the rune choices, Protect the Innocent might be better for party play but if you want to go for personal survival boost, Immovable Object basically provides you with 50% additional damage reduction.
Akarat's Champion /w Prophet Rune
This ability is something that you just have to take. And not only because of the insane damage bonus that it provides you with (and 20 second long immortality, assuming you pick up the recommended armor rune). If you happen to die on hardcore, this skill will actually bring you back to life (you will be restored to FULL HP!). Now, this is where it gets tricky. It will restore you back to life only if it is active so if you happen to die while Akarat's Champion is not active, you will not benefit from its additional effect. You should use this ability as often as possible but what if you encounter an elite pack that poses a huge problem for you (and Akarat's Champion is on cooldown?). You have to figure this out on your own.
Armor of Akkhan's set bonuses make this skill utterly insane.
Heavenly Strength
Simply OP, depends what weapons you've managed to find but overall, you should use this. 2 handed weapons tend to have more DPS, strength and vitality and 15% movement speed reduction can easily be negated with paragon levels.
Hold Your Ground
Assuming you do not stack dexterity, your dodge chance should be somewhere around 0.X% (meaning less than 1%). Swapping that for 15% block chance is insane.
Divine Fortress
If your block chance is high, this will grant you an extremely high amount of armor (with Hardened Senses active, I am block capped for example, and gain about 5 million toughness just from this single passive).
Usefulness of this passive is affected by your block chance but if the said block is somewhere around 40%, this is really worth picking up.
4. SKILLS -VIABLE (other abilities that you might want to pick up, depending on your personal preferences)

Laws of Valor /w Critical Rune
Despite what the actual rune effect states (that it boosts YOUR critical chance by 100%) it actually affects the entire party making this ability really good for farming in a party. I suggest picking this up if you feel like you have too much toughness but not high enough damage output.

Bombardment /w Impactful Bombardment Rune
Steed Charge is really good for escpaing shitty situations / dodging CC but other than that it is of no use. If you want to boost your damage, you could go for bombardment ability that will really help you out with clearing elite packs.

Remember that your stats are affected by each other, your crit damage will not be as effective if your crit chance is low and vice versa. Same rules apply to defensive stats like HP and All Resistances.
On your head slot you should aim for: Strength > Vitality > Crit Chance > Socket > All Res > Life % > One type of Res > Armor
Neck: Strength > Crit Chance > Crit Damage > All Res > Vitality > Life %

Shoulders: Strength > Vitality > All Res > Life % >Increased Damage of abilities such as Heaven's Fury, Punish and Shield Bash >One type of Res > Armor

Chest: Strength > 3 sockets > Vitality > All Res > Life % >Increased Damage of abilities such as Heaven's Fury, Punish and Shield Bash

Belt: Strength > Vitality > All Res >Increased Damage of abilities such as Heaven's Fury, Punish and Shield Bash >Life %

Bracers: Strength > Crit Chance > Vitality > Holy skills deal X% more damage > All Res > One type of Res > Armor
Rings: Strength > Crit Chance > Crit Damage > All Res > Vitality > Life % > One type of Res

Legs: Strength > 2 sockets > Vitality >Increased Damage of abilities such as Heaven's Fury, Punish and Shield Bash > All Res > One type of Res

Boots: Strength > % Movement Speed (if you lack paragon levels) > Vitality > All Res > One type of Res > Armor

Weapon: Socket > Weapon DMG > Strength > Vitality

Shield: % Block Chance > Strength > Crit Chance > Vitality > All Res > Life %
The stats listed above are the ones that you should aim for on rare items, as for the BiS legendary list, here are some items worth looking at:
Justice Lantern with its % block chance is really good for crusaders and makes achieving % block chance cap rather simple.
Eberli Charo's effect is insane (45-50% cooldown reduction of Heaven's Fury!) If you are using Fate of the Fell, this is an absolute BiS.
Piro Marella reduces the wrath cost of shield bash by 45-50%!
Akarat's Awakening has a chance to reduce your cooldowns by 1% each time you successfully block an attack (20-25%chance upon each block as far as I can recall).
Baleful Remnant causes your killed enemies to spawnPhalanx Avatars for 10 seconds. In combation with our class set, this weapon is really strong.

Fate of the Fell summons two additional rays of Heaven's Furywhich is INSANE!

Armor of Akkhan is probably the most sought after set of items for crusader. Its set bonuses are exceptionally good, especially for hardcore. Reduced cooldown of Akkarat's Champion by 50%?! REALLY?


Core: % Movement Speed till 115% MS > Strength
Offense: Critical Hit Damage > Critical Hit Chance
Defense: All Res > Armor > Life %
Utility: Area Damage (Life on Hit for 1h weapons is also decent, it is the only paragon stat that scales with level) > Resource cost reduction.

Guide is going to get updated soon so stay tuned! Going to play Crusader on HARDCORE, 48-hourlong marathon upon the release of RoS!
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