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Temat: [GUIDE] Inferno barb

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Devizz's Diablo 3 LIVE Stream - Playing Inferno Act 2-4 and Inferno HARDCORE (soon)!


The aim of this guide is to help people who are struggling with progressing through inferno difficulty level. If you chose barbarian class and after finishing hell, just entered inferno with not that good nightmarish/hellish gear, you will die. You will die a lot. All the other difficulty levels before Inferno are a complete faceroll, roflstomp (call it whatever you want) - you can do them with minimum effort put into 'theorycrafting'. As for the inferno itself - completely different story, here you have to strive for perfection because of the gear barrier (jump between hell and inferno is SO MUCH HIGHER in terms of damage you receive and the damage you need to deal) that the highest difficulty of diablo 3 is. Champions with arcane or molten buff shall be your bane, and you will cry out loud and run for your life if you see them. You will pray to whatever god you believe in that you don’t get both of these buffs on one champion at the same time…

But that does not mean that you still can’t be successful at playing barbarian in inferno. There are more barbarians out there than you think, that already killed Diablo, cleared inferno and have it on farm (yup, including act IV champions).

So, what am I doing wrong? – You may ask. Diablo is the kind of game in which the gear of your character is essential, maybe even more important than skill and knowledge of your class. If you don’t have good enough gear, no matter how good you are, you just won’t be able to carry yourself through some boss , champion or even add pack.

Thus, first of all you need to understand the concept of farming and gearing. Here is how it works:

The further you progress through acts, the better gear you get. So inferno act IV drops the best gear in the whole game. You won’t be able to obtain 1k+ dps weapon by farming butcher endlessly on inferno act I. If you want to find out more about how to farm inferno gear, check out my other guide that you can find HERE.

Now, back to barbarian guide. Even if you get good gear, you still need to be able to play your class and understand its basic mechanics, advantages and disadvantages. In other words, you also need to have chosen good, viable build - if you want to be successful, that is.

Barbarian can wield one handed weapons (he can also dual wield them), shields and two handed weapons. The latter is not viable, unless you want to die constantly. Despite 25% additional passive DMG reduction, that other classes are lacking, barb is still INSANELY squishy if you do not play him the right way. Don’t get me wrong, wielding big and badass 2h sword is awesome. I always dual wield in all the games I play – but unfortunately, at this moment in time it is just not worth it. Using 2h might be viable or even better once you get good gear and have the whole inferno on farm. But if you just entered inferno and still have not best in slot gear, one handed weapon along with shield is a way to go. You need to be tanky. Barbarians can’t kite mobs or burst them down like other classes. You need to go in, smash things and survive. Still, you can’t just stack vitality on its own along with tank stats. If you do that, you will be having problems as well. You need to balance out all stats, and now I will try to help you do that.

First of all, the most vital part of your build – the abilities itself.


Here are the abilities that I recommend using and that I find best. Of course a lot of things depend on your play style and personal preferences, hence I will later list other viable skills that you might choose to use.


This skill is just insane for single target dps. I always had problem with choosing between bash and frenzy, but after some testing, in the end I fell in love with frenzy. As for rune, I saw a lot of people use Sidearm - while it is good for add packs, I find maniac to be better for boss fights without adds or situations in which you need to focus one target and nuke it down fast (there are a lot of such situations when you face champion packs, killing one champion out of the pack might be the only way to go with some combos you will get in inferno). And if you will be stacking life per hit stat (and I recommend doing that actually, more about that later), 75% bonus attack speed is just insane.

Seismic Slam

Decent weapon dmg, but that is not the best thing about it. Knockback, insanely good AoE knockback. It will help you survive A LOT. If it were not for seismic slam, I would still be struggling with Belial on inferno. Once I picked Shattered Ground rune, it became piss easy fight and problem of adds on pashe 1&2 was solved. Cracking rift rune is also decent, if you want some more weapon dmg at the cost of smaller aoe and worser knockback.

Ignore Pain

This is A MUST skill. You just have to pick it, if you do not, than you will fail badly. 65% reduced DMG is godly and will help you survive all the time. As for runes, all of them are useful in some ways. I would suggest picking up Ignorance is Bliss, if you have relatively good damage output. You will be surprised when you see the amount of self heal you can put off with that rune.


Another skill that you just have to take. While it is not so good for boss fights without adds, it will keep you alive when you are overwhelmed by huge packs of mobs. The more mobs there are, the more indestructible you shall become. Two viable runes for this spell are: Either Vengeance Is Mine or Provocation. By taking the first one, you gamble more. I tested both runes out and I died way to much with VIM. With Provocation, you are a lot more likely to survive, trust me. Anyway, the choice is yours.

War Cry

20% increased armor buff for the whole party is nice, but that is not the most important part of this ability. You will find out the hard way, that having resists is essential in inferno. Without resists, you will die. With Impunity rune, you will get HUGE boost to all of your resistances, depending on how much of them you have at the moment. Other runes seem useful, but in my opinion, resistances are the most important stat for barb in inferno. Thus, Impunity rune is just the best.

Wrath of the Berserker

With this baby active, you become freaking god of war. You obtain insane boost to all stats like critical hit chance, attack speed, dodge chance and movement speed. Best skill for barbarian in the whole game (in my humble opinion). Now as for runes, all of them look good but 100% DMG boost is just way too good to pass up. With Insanity rune, I find my dmg output to be rising by 4 or even 5 times (for example, without WotB up I have constant 15k damage displayed in my profile, after popping it I get something above 60k dmage).


Nerves Of Steel

If you stack vitality, this passive is just overpowered. And you need to have a lot of vitality if you want to survive in Inferno, I will explain more about gearing and choosing stats later, but suffice to say that 40k HP is the absolute minimum. And if you have above 40,000 hp, this passive is so worth it (you will probably end up having even more HP in later acts in inferno, maybe something around 50-60k).

Tough as Nails

Works very well with Nerves of Steel. I would say that picking NOS with Tough as Nails is just essential for inferno. You will have a lot of armor, vitality and strength as barbarian (if you are gearing correctly) and both those passives benefit in some way from the following stats. 25% boost to thorns works well if you have a lot of gear with “meele attackers take X damage per hit” stat. But that stat is not so good, and we are mainly picking this passive because of 25% increased armor. Overall, you should avoid thorns on items if you have an option to pick items with other stats like + All Resistances.


My personal favourite. Imagine you are struggling to survive in inferno, your screen stats to glow with red and you panic. What do you do? You smash your Ignore Pain button. You still die? Well, now you have additional 50% damage reduction which gives total of 115% damage reduction for OH FUCK situations. If you have Revenge skill with Provocation rune, along with Relentless passive and Ignore Pain up, you are simply immortal. You will be on low health A LOT of times in inferno, and this passive will save your life countless times. You will find out the hard way, and mark my words - you will get to love this passive as well as I did.

SKILLS - VIABLE (other abilities that you might want to pick up, depending on your personal preferences)


I used this skill for a long time, but in the end went for Frenzy. There is one situation that I can think of, in which bash might prove better than frenzy. If you are going for huge fury consumption build in which fury generation is essential, bash with Instigation rune will grant you insane fury. What I suggest you do is: test out both bash and frenzy and just pick whatever suits you best.

Hammer of the Ancients

Best ability in game if you are going for pure dmg. With Smash rune, you will be doing 270% weapon dmg. And that is a lot in comparison to other skills we have in our arsenal. In addition, HotA is AoE skill, so you will hit multiple targets with it (if they are any obviously). Also, you get 5% additional crit chance which is very good! The problem with HotA is that you gain only damage and nothing that will help you survive. I would say that this skill might be better if you want to burst some target very fast in single target encounter. The Devil’s Anvil rune is nice if you are in situation in which you need some slow. So you if you want to slow things, go ahead and take this skill.


I used Rend for a long time because of Blood Lust rune. I was struggling to survive in Inferno and I just continuously stacked rend on adds and kited them while being healed from dots left on mobs by rend. Nice ability, but in the end I find knockback to be better for survival. By all means, test it out and decide what you prefer.


Now, that is the skill that I miss the most in my current build. Leap was my favourite skill (and probably still is). It gives you great mobility and escape mechanics. I would say that the only viable, insanely good rune for it is Iron Impact. It increases your armor by 300%! THIS IS JUST INSANE! If you are tanky and have like 9k armor, you will end up with something around 27k armor which is OP like hell. Every 10 sec you are basically immortal for 4 seconds. I actually pick this rune up for some fights.This skill might prove to be better than lets say Ignore Painn , IF you are going for pure tank build with relatively low dps (and if you have decent amount of armor, something around 9k+ I would say). Its HUGE advanatage is the ability to get out of practically everything - if you find yourself in a bad position, this skill will save you and help you position yourself accordingly.

Battle Rage

Another ability that I had hard time dropping. Disadvantage of it is, that it is the only shout that is not generating any fury, and actually costs 20 of it. Sometimes you may end up not being able to use this because you will be trying to stay alive by using Seismic Slam. DO NOT drop War Cry in favour of this shout. WC is just too good to pass up with its boost to all of your resistances. If you lack some damage, you may pick up Battle Rage and War Cry at the same time. Unarguably, Marauder’s Rage is the best rune for it. Well, I suppose that Swords to Ploughshares might be worth looking at, if you decide to pick Pound of Flesh passive and depend on health globes. I would say that Battle Rage complements well with Ruthless passive and Hammer of the Ancients ability. In other words – heavy crit based build (you might need some crit on your gear for that).

Threatening Shout

20% flat dmg reduction every 15 seconds is nice, but I done some testing and in my opinion War Cry with right rune gives you more survival and damage migration in the most O SHIT situations. Tempting thing about Threatening Shout is its rune: Demoralize. You get to actually TAUNT your enemies for 3 second. Yes, you can capture aggro on mobs the same way tanks do in WoW by using this ability.


2000% weapon dmg is HUGE. I find this ability to be working best along with Wrath of the Berserker. Do not pick it up instead of WotB – it is just not worth it. You will do less damage (well maybe not in aoe sitatuins, but it is still not worth it ) and also, you won’t get survival bonuses from WotB. As for runes, pick whatever you like. Chilling Earth gives you very nice CC and The Mountain’s Call works very well with Boon of Bul-Kathos passive.


Pound of Flesh

This passive is surprisingly good and if you have gear that increases the health you get from health globes, it becomes even better. I sometimes pick it up if I know I will be facing a lot of mobs. The more adds are there, the higher is the chance of you getting health globe.


I was using this passive for some time instead of Relentless. I thought to myself: It is better to prevent the situations in which I am below 20% HP, so this passive will help me achieve that right? Short answer: No. You will be on low health a lot of times anyway. Nevertheless, test both passives out and decide which one suits you best.

Boon of Bul-Kathos

You might want to pick this passive up if you decide to pick Earthquake and Wrath of the Berserker at the same time. You will be able to enter god mode more often. Remember, your Earthquake and WotB are long cooldown abilities so once they are on CD, you become kind of useless. This passive will help you deal with that.

Now that I helped you decide what abilities to chose, we will look at gearing and stat balancing.
As barbarian, you will need to be able to balance out your stats. If you go for tank only stats, you will have issues. If you pick to much damage and will not be tanky enough, you will have issues as well and will keep dying.

I would say that +All Resistances is the MOST IMPORTANT stat for barbarian (at least until certain point). If you don’t have any resistances, you will get insta-killed by champion packs in inferno. Monks have easier time with resistances, because they can just stack one resistance of their choice and all of their other resistances will profit from it. It is not same for barbarians. We need to balance all resistances. Sure, sometimes they might prove useless. But if you stack one type of resistance and then face champion pack with buff that you don’t have any defense for, you will die and will be forced to skip it.

Here are my rough estimates on the resistances you need for each act if you want to be relatively tanky and abstain from dying while fighting champions:

For Act I you will need around 300-500 all resistances.

For Act II – 500-800

For Act III – 800-1000

Act IV – 1k+

While these numbers might seem high, remember that War Cry with Impunity rune will help you achieve them.

While for example act II is doable with 500 resists, you might be struggling at it with such res values (especially while doing some nasty champ packs). If you want to just go in and kill stuff without taking damage that can threaten you, you need to have the maximum value for certain act (in that case: 800+ resists).

Also remember that sometimes you might be able to do certain act with lower res values than suggested, if you are sacrificing some of them in favour of damage. Basically - the more damage you deal, faster the mob dies. Logical right? Sometimes offense is a best defense.

So overall, I would say that stat priority for barbarians is as follows:

Weapon DMG (probably best stat for all classes in Diablo, almost all abilities have their damage based on it) > % Chance to Block (best stat for shields) > % Life (depends what % it is of course, as an example I would say that you just NEED to have helm with socket as barbarian) > All Resistances (until caps for each act that I mentioned before) > Vitality=Strength (you need to balance those stats around so that you are able to both survive and kill stuff, if you have for example twice more vitality than strength then you are doing something wrong) > Armor > Attack Speed % > Life on Hit > Life regen.

Keep in mind that it is hard to state the definite stat priority. Everything depends on the build you chose and how you play. As an example, your life on hit will be useless if you don’t have decent amount of attack speed. On the other hand, a lot of attack speed without some life on hit stat on your gear might prove to be a lot weaker.


If you disagree with something I wrote go ahead and point it out, I welcome some constructive criticism and your own opinions on the matter. I will try to keep this class compendium up to date and add stuff to it on the weekly, maybe even daily basis.

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[Edycja Deviss - 10.06.2012 o 03:57] Going to play Crusader on HARDCORE, 48-hourlong marathon upon the release of RoS!
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A moglbys po polsku ?
I opisac troche inaczej jaki set dla Barbary by byl najlepszy?
Lifesteal + sila + ?
2h weap. ? czy moze 1h x2, a moze 1h + tarcza ?
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check out my other guide that you can find HERE

A gdzie ten poradnik o farmieniu?

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Up . Poradniki o farmieniu masz na you tube. Niektore naprawde fajne.
+ upup
Co do itemow na inferno masa resistow, masz ilosc w poradniku. Wiekszosc (100%?) chodzi z tarcza ale np. niektorzy zabijaj bossow z 2H bronia bo to skraca czas walki. Tarcza to stormshield 30% block. Bron moze byc magic byle miala jak najwiekszy dps. Ideal to +1k dps. Reszta itemow to magic/rare resist all/vita/str/+%life. Na tych najdrozszych itemch jest jeszcze +x% damage vs elite, redukcjs obrazen od pociskow, redukcja obrazen od elitek. Np taki hem powinien miec socket na gem, wkladasz w niego chyba fioletowy +12% life. Na temat itemow to mozna sporo pisac.

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Niedlugo będzie duzy update guide'a na diablofans, stay tuned! Going to play Crusader on HARDCORE, 48-hourlong marathon upon the release of RoS!
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