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Temat: Pytanie o seal'e

Wiadomość [#1]: 09.10.2009 o 01:54

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Witam. Kilka dni temu wbilem moj pierwszy 80 lvl. Obecnie jestem retrii dpsem pve na rajdy i hc. Calkowicie nie interesuje mnie pvp (na razie ;p). Zastanawiolo mnie to kory seal bedzie dla mnie najlepszy, zeby robic najwiekszy dmg na bossach. Zrobilem proby na kuklach w sw i na seal of command dps 1,8k; seal of vengeance 2,4k. Wybor na bossy, ktore trzeba dlugo bic, jest dla mnie oczywisty, ale wydaje mi sieze na bossy, ktore przyzywaja moby, albo na powyzej 15s staja sie immunte(na przyklad) lepszy bedzie seal of command.

Moglby mi ktos dokladnie wytluamczyc jak funkcjonuje seal of vengeance ? Zadaje x obrazen co 3 sec przez 15s, i x % weapon damage przy kazdym meel ataku (czyli tez cs i ds) - to kapuje. Tylko chodzi mi o to stackowanie do 5. W opisie mam ze zadaje te 457 dmg przez co 3s wiec jezeli jest stakniete 5 razy to powinno zadawac chyba okolo 2k dmg co 3 sec a zadaje 700. W recouncie wyswietlaja mi sie 2 rzeczy: seal of vengeance (tu hity max 861, crit 1,7k) i holy vengeance dot ( 737 stale)

Prosilbym tu o rady i uwagi i doswiadczenia odnosnie tych sealow.

Seal of the mortyr juz nie jest dostepny ??

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Wiadomość [#2]: 09.10.2009 o 11:38

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Seals scale off AP and Spellpower. Judging a seal no longer consumes the seal, seals have a 30 minute duration. Seals are NOT considered weapon imbues, and can no longer be dispelled. Seals trigger off instant attacks (CS, DS).

Seal of Vengeance/Seal of Corruption
SoV replaces blood (which has been removed from the game) as our primary dps seal. SoV is the biggest reason that STR is our best dps stat, because it is one of the few skills in the game that triple dip on a stat (once for AP, once for SP, once for AP affecting weapon damage). In case the wording on the skill is unclear, SoV has 2 parts to it - the DoT, and the proc. The proc is basically a weaker, modified Seal of Blood proc but without the recoil. The talent SotP increases the damage from the DoT and the proc (which results in a total dps increase of about 6.5%). It takes ~12 seconds in a raid buffed setting to get a 5 stack active. SoV has some odd functionality detailed below:

The seal procs will begin triggering from auto-attacks once you have a debuff stack of any size, and strikes will always trigger a seal proc (but never a DoT application). The table below shows the damage of the proc per DoT application:
Stack Number % of Weapon Damage % with SotP
0 0% 0%
1 6.6% 7.6%
2 13.2% 15.2%
3 19.8% 22.8%
4 26.4% 30.4%
5 33% 38%

When an auto-attack lands (does not dodge/parry/miss) that can proc a seal the of the following things happen independently of each other (see 2 roll system).

1) A "hidden strike" which uses melee combat mechanics occurs. If it lands it refreshes/stacks SoV DoT. Only white swings can trigger a refresh or stack.
2) A weapon damage based proc will occur if you used a special (CS/DS/judge) or if you have a 5 stack (from auto attacks). This attack can not be avoided.

Remember #2 happens regardless of #1 landing, it just requires the initial attack (autos, cs, etc) to land.

DoT functions and mechanics:
DoT application is melee hit/exp based. (Cannot be resisted like a spell, but can be dodged or parried)
DoT will still be applied even if your white swing is fully absorbed (in a PvP situation).
DoT is only applied via auto-attacks (whites).
DoT ticks always hit.
DoT ticks are reduced by partial resist on skull mobs, but not by players (it is holy damage).
DoT gains from CoE (and equivalents).

Seal Proc functions and mechanics:
Proc (after 5 stack/triggered from specials) can NOT be dodged or parried, it occurs as long as your initial white/strike lands.
Proc suffers from partial resists (it's holy damage).
Proc gains from CoE (and equivalents).
Proc can crit. (like SoB did)

With the release of 3.2.2, SoV stack interaction should now be functioning correctly and the damage you get from procs/judgements is solely based on your stack count.

Seal of Righteousness
We haven't used this seal since we were leveling up, and it sickens me to say that it is now an option to use. This seal cannot crit, but also cannot miss or be dodged/parried (unless your white swing or special misses). With 5/5 SotP, SoR averages about 100 dps higher than SoC until you are in Ilvl 250+ gear. Unlike SoV or SoC, judging SoR triggers an SoR proc.

Seal of Command
SoC has been retooled yet again, to mirror a warrior's cleave this time. SoC procs follow all standard melee attack rules, no longer have an ICD, and can crit. Judging on a stunned target no longer guarantees a crit, and the judgement is fairly weak to being with, you use this seal for its' proc damage. The way the cleave damage works can be sort of described with this little ascii table! An "X" indicates your primary target, a "Y" indicates if the cleave will chain to a mob, and "_" means nothing will happen! The table assumes that the mobs are being tanked within cleave range of course, and that A and C are too far apart to chain to each other.

Scenario Target A Target B Target C Target D
1 X Y Y _
2 Y X _ _
3 _ X Y Y

Let's assume that target B is the boss, and the rest are adds. Scenario 1 is fairly obvious, targeting an add chains a proc towards both the boss and add C. Scenarios 2 and 3 are a little more tricky; if A and C are too far apart to chain to each other (it's about 8 yards, it uses the same chain rules as prot's Hammer of the Righteous) then either 2 or 3 could happen, but not both scenarios at the same time. What target the cleave picks to chain to seems to be random, of course this is subject to testing.

You don't really want to use SoC on bosses unless there is a lot off add killing - the single target damage of SoC is still inferior to SoR and SoV, and the general rule of thumb for usage of SoC's cleaving is that add mobs should only live for between 12 and 15 seconds before considering using SoC over SoV. There is also the option of seal twisting, just make sure you can maintain your SoV stack and juggle GCD's and mana properly!

Skopione z mmo-champion. prosty angielski wiec powinnienes zrozumiec ;) SoV > wszystko obecnie.

Wiadomość [#3]: 09.10.2009 o 14:23

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na targetach ktore bijesz mniej niz 10-12 sekund nie
jak jest 1 cel to bijesz go z sora
jak jest wiecej niz 1 bijesz z soc
sov robi duzo lepszy dps ale musisz lac moba ponad 12 sekund zeby tak sie stalo

Arthasus Burning Blade
Wiadomość [#4]: 15.10.2009 o 19:08

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a jak to wyglada w PvP? bo wiekszosc biega za SoV

Wiadomość [#5]: 27.04.2010 o 07:37

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dobrze jest wiedzieć, że uszczelki są używane do ataku

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Wiadomość [#6]: 27.04.2010 o 08:15

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patrick076 napisał
dobrze jest wiedzieć, że uszczelki są używane do ataku

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