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Temat: the quality is also very good

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paved the effect Very good, the price is very cheap, I think the quality is also very good, sure to buy Ruijia. So good, why should change? Ms. Huang: Because I live on the second floor, lighting is not very good, so I felt the color after a little deep, when the election time feeling good color, covered my furniture after the light tone, feeling very dark, Not very nice.composite wood table chairs
Yesterday we went to the yellow lady home scene shot some PPT, please Ms. Huang to tell you about. Ms. Huang: living room floor is now replaced by light-colored, made a little white, which is for the later, look good. Your home decoration is also very good, you in the decoration process which have not thought Ruijia will give you change?villa garden deck
Ms. Huang: I think it is unlikely, then I called to consult a bit, really do, to give me replacement, I am particularly sorry, I think it can be replaced, the floor wasted a lot of pity, said today that there will be this Charity activities, feel very good, but also hope for the Ruijia and the community to do a little tongue and groove decking in uk

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