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Temat: the price of this floor will be

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Many consumers think that anyway, not their own money to the rebate, but also to bring the designer price cheaper shop, why not? For this point, Mr. Tian gave us such an account, such as a brand of solid wood floor purchase price is about 200, the dealer generally guarantee the profits of 15 points, if the brand does not go to the designer rebate line,engineered wood i-beam deck cost
also It is not to the designer rebate. So, the price of this floor will be around 328, to the customer up to make a 7 fold, then 230 or so will be the transaction price. Then look, if the designer mixed with the results: the same price of 200 floor, the dealer to ensure that their 15 points of profits, back to the designer 15 points,cheap wpc floor
then the floor price will be about 390, usually if the consumption You can buy a maximum of 7.5 discount, the price will be around 292, and if there is a designer, the dealer will deliberately say that the designer brought the guests, playing 7 fold, 275 or so will be a deal Price, on the surface, consumers have the designer's companion seems to have got a greater discount,tongue and groove cedar hollow decking

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