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and level of international leader in the formation of a more complete industrial system, China's forestry to become the most international Competitive sunrise industry. According to reports, bamboo is an environmentally friendly material. China's bamboo resources area, production ranks first in the world, the national bamboo area of ​​more than 520 million hectares.flow of process wood to furniture
At present, about 35 million farmers in the country directly engaged in bamboo cultivation, bamboo products processing and other production and management. Bamboo flooring products and production have entered the mature stage. China's bamboo flooring production in 2005 has reached more than 3000 million square meters,deck and fence
bamboo flooring production and sales accounted for 10% of China's total sales of wood flooring, of which 60% exported to Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. Technology investment, promote bamboo industry, technological innovation; continue to maintain and improve the bamboo industry has a variety of incentives,vinyl siding cost for a 2000 square foot home

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