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Temat: Trove: the stock exchange or the steam market

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There really needs to be more than 99 pages though. I'm guessing that you limited it to 99 so there wasn't issues with loading and lag. Right now all the pages on mounts are fill with basically Pemblocks, Meownts and Mantas. I'd like to see more pages, or something added into the marketplace that will allow us to exclude certain items, like a Pemblock for example.

Would be nice if the 'Not Owned' toggle sorted *before* loading the 99 pages of items. I own a lot of mounts (but not all obviously), so when I search for mounts I don't have, I get nothing. But if I directly search for a mount by name, it shows up.

This very much. Because of the huge spam of pemblocks and meownts, the 99 pages is filled with things I'm not interested in. I have to manually go searching for anything else. It's not fair to the sellers either that their mounts are not listed in the general search, the 99 pages just isn't enough for the popular categories.

Selling for a lower price so you can sell fast is not "abusing" Selling at a higher price because no one is selling the item at that time is ALSO not abusing... This is how a free market works. If the price is too high no one will buy Trove Flux... if the price is too low someone will buy it very quickly and it will no longer be on the auction house so your higher priced item will be next. Price fixing for convenience is not a good thing. Prices will go up and down and up and down and it will be okay. Now you can at least SEE what stuff is selling for. Before this... I would sell something for a certain price and everyone would yell at me because it's 2k higher than the going price and I didn't know that the price had gone down. Now I'll know what the going price is at all times. That's a GOOD thing!... Thank you Trion for making this change.

I'd prefer something similar to the stock exchange or the steam market so it's nearly impossible to make error selling multiple items and giving them the price of only one. It's also easier to understand the current minimum price for an item and selling or buying it accordingly.

Not sure where else to post this.... the whole get a rare after 70 chests thing is cool.... but without a way of knowing when that will proc, I now have to count how many boxes I open, and then hope, otherwise, like what I just did- that i'm sure many others will experience, I got the "you feel lucky soon" message, and instead of being able to use it on the trove of wonders to get a chance at a rare bird.... I got a booster seat.... the message was 7 chests away from the rare, I assumed it was an individual chest type count first (after 70 chaos you get a chaos rare), then I assumed it was number 71... but, I was opening shadow caches when the message happened and thought oh, I get a rare shadow cache, cool..then nothing happened, no rare shadow cache, so I then thought, maybe I didn't have enough shadow caches to get to the rare, so I move to my daily chaos and bam, the booster seat proc'd ... but then, I got the message again!!....

So should I get the message at 70 chests, then open nothing but the chests I want a rare from until a rare happens... or did I just get lucky with a normal rng booster seat and the after 70 rare has not happened yet? Listen up kiddies, if you don't have ten or more of the trove of wonders caches waiting for that moment you get the you feel lucky message pop up, you will not get a rare bird this way to Buy Trove Flux. If had any idea of what to expect after you tell us what to expect I would expect better... This is as constructive as I can get right now because- it's not fun, i'm not happy, I'm playing a different game.

As it turns out, the fun part of this game, now, is helping the new kids realize how many hours of grinding it will take to get the weapons necessary to still not have aggro as a tank, and teach them that they still have to use the trade chat spam system even though there is a market, and let them know they will still need to spend more of their parents (or even their own) money to get what they want in life- which, in enough time, they will realize is all virtual bits of nothing anyhow... sorry kids, playing with blocks is fun, the rest of this game is the reason all the people I knew quit. Read a book, buy some land, go to school... try to love one another - and the earth could use a little help.

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