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Temat: Trove: What is wrong with gem upgrade system

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First of all this isn't supposed to be a "omg gems sux trove p2w" kinda thread so refrain from posting such replies.

Now speaking about this argument (that I already have started a discussion about on reddit not receiving any answers from mods+) gem upgrading system is currently broken.
It started when clovers were pushed out of cubit market and became credit only.
Gems broke way too easly (in 5 upgrades on new gems i broke 4 of them, 4 from lv 1-2 and one from lv 2-3) and there really is nothing we can do about, because the ONLY way to obtain clovers (other than weekly events) and such is to buy trove flux online get booster boxes or well, shopping.. But since trove isn't and SHOULDN'T be a p2p kinda game I find it a bit strange that something SO IMPORTANT like gems are now is shifting to the credit side of the game.

On other note speaking about booster boxes, today i got my 5 from weekly reward (and was hoping to finally be able to get some clovers at least and TRY to upgrade my gems even if failure ratio is prohibitive with clovers only)
And well, I got 5 times 300 fire dust so I will have to play another week WITHOUT the chance of upgrading my gems, pr or playstile which imo kinda ruins the game.

Also there was a legend about booster boxes apprearing in market for free but I've yet to see one... well let's not go there it's free stuff anyway.

MY HUMBLE ADVICE would be to remove the gem dust from booster boxes because it's just pointless 300 gem dust is about 5 lairs in u8 elemental so not worth a whole day of cubits.
And if that isn't possible because of legal/credit thinking (I know you cant like switch back clovers to cubits because it would be unfair for people who shopped and such things) I would really think a booster box BASIC tome would give some hope because well... at least you can grind it and get something somehow, it keeps you playing the game instead of the Trove Flux and just seeing you have to do nothing cause you cant increase your pr anymore and just drop for the day waiting for the cubits you'll get the day after.

Supporting the game is a wonderful thing to do and something I like to do.
BUT being forced to spend on a f2p to actually play the game (or being stuck in u7-u8 while doing not so great at all) is a LOT different.

I hope our prayers at least get some answers from devs because silence usually is the worse and game is getting boring for a lot of people.
THEN AGAIN this is NO blaming/raging thread so just don't

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