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Temat: Is Warlock Becoming more Powerful in Blade & Soul?

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Just one month after Western release and Blade and Soul is releasing more content, along with the much asked for Warlock class on March 2nd.

Just recently content was released that included Mushin’s Tower, a level-based single player challenge with seven floors, and the new content added an eighth floor which is the final floor. The eighth floor features Mushin himself and promises to be a high level of difficulty for any player.If you can not solve the problems by yourself, blade and soul power leveling is a good choice.

The update additionally features a new heroic level labyrinth type dungeon that can be played by groups of four or six players. After each boss encounter, a different path will open up, adding a lot of replay value to the dungeon and adding that extra challenge every time.

The Warlock class is definitely going to change the flow of PvP in the game, as it is a highly popular choice in the current eSports tournaments. Last year’s finals featured a Warlock vs. a Force Master with the Warlock winning by 4 – 1. It is rumoured that after the tournament many parti(wulg.)nts deleted all their characters and made Warlocks instead. Hugely popular in Korea, the Blade and Soul eSports offer massive cash prizes to the winners, not on the scale of Dota 2, but still sizeable amounts of money.

Featuring a dagger similar to the Assassin the Warlock uses mid-range spells and talismans to summon apparitions, shoot projectiles and use binding spells. This makes it slightly similar to the Warlock class in World of Warcraft but obviously with Blade and Soul’s unique style of combat.

More and more players like to choose warlock class and what about you ?For more information, please go to

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