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Temat: FIFA has put women’s football at the heart of its mission

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“It is a great opportunity to follow up on the work done last year and see the progress the coaches have made since then," Powell said. "The workshop will be great platform to further enhance their knowledge of the game and hopefully will have an impact on women’s football development in their u7buycc

As Powell suggests, the premise is to build on last year’s regional workshop, with the content covering additional aspects of the game including match analysis and goalkeeping. Silke Rottenberg will share some of her expert knowledge and wisdom around of the importance of the role of the goalkeeper as well as the importance of goalkeeping coaching in the game.

"FIFA has put women’s football at the heart of its mission, and we work tirelessly to ensure that every woman and girl who wants to play football has access to the game, " said Mayrilian Cruz Blanco, FIFA Women’s Football Development Manager. "This also includes access to qualified coaches at all levels. The majority of the parti(wulg.)nts in the workshop are female coaches, this is also in line with a key pillar of our programmes, which is to ensure that more women are coaching and leading football teams."

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