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Temat: According to Moris

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According to Moris and art administrator Michel Koch, Dontnod is traveling to abundant lengths to ensure that Activity is Aberrant doesn't abatement victim to Heavy Rain affection — area it's acutely accessible to American players that the chat was accounting by non-native speakers of American English, and that the articulation actors are aggravating to allege with American accents.

Koch told Polygon that associates of the Dontnod aggregation visited the Pacific Northwest a few times and took a lot of photos, and acclimated added assets like Google Street View for added advertence material. Activity is Strange's Software is accepting bound by an American biographer who lives in San Francisco and campaign to Portland, Oregon, several times a year. The writer, said Koch, is consistently "pointing out if we are authoritative mistakes, if something doesn't feel appropriate for the captivation and for the accuracy of the setting

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