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Temat: A reputation system creates both a PvP mid-game

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The reason why a reputation system would be most effective within this type of game, and why it has been successful in these types of games in the past (UO, EvE, etc.) is because from the begging of the game you see these PvP mechanics play out. These learning mechanics are not enabled within the current PvP system. Examples of learned PvP game focused behaviors.

Lastly, through the utilization of GvG PvP as the end game content, and the general requirements of red zone access, you are eliminating the mid tier PvP and creating a rush psychology. If the end result of Albion Online is super guilds (ie. EvE and it's super corporations) we will see a few maintain their power. A mid-game must exist, and in alpha we will not see this clearly in the rush through all the content.

A reputation system creates both a PvP mid-game, and creates an interesting game play mechanic that will allow players to do something between the large scale conflicts that are likely to occur with Albion Online Items on the super guilds. EvE and UO were successful because their player base is/was devoted to the complexity of the game, but Albion Online has the potential to become viral. Creating an identity and impact in the game is the key component to each of these brands.

With full cross platform play, and F2P access we need something that will allow all forms of players to feel like they are accomplishing something beyond ticks on a board, or the next set of gear Saving and slaying start conversations, and this is where reputation systems get things going before we think to obligate ourselves to a guild. As a F2P game we also have to keep in mind if a player has the time and chooses to join a guild in the first place, especially if progression is limited due to super guilds.
We (players) need to come to the yellow coast line and to see whats in the red sea before we dive in to play with the sharks. That said, a sign doesn't tell us there are sharks in the water, seeing a shark in the water tells us there are sharks in the water.

If there are sharks along the coast we have the opportunity to protect ourselves, but also to meet up and form a coast guard (generating new guilds, helpful PKK's interacting, etc.) to protect ourselves to get Albion Online Powerleveling help. The benefit to the coast guard is that we support them and they support us (be it materials, loot, social interaction, etc.). We need a way to see the red sea from the yellow coast otherwise we're cliff diving right into a bed of sharks without a clue.

Knowing what's a shark and what's a dolphin from line of sight has been a staple of coastal communities throughout history. Everyone has heard of jaws, and this game needs a sea of sharks biting at the yellow coast as well as swimming in the red sea to get the green land lovers to talk about Albion. Small coast guard settlements (reputation system) can maintain the coast, but the navy (GvG) can handle the sea.

One needs to invest a considerable amount of time to get one char to high tier. So if you want to exploit on a high tier level, you need to invest more or less the same amount of time again. Not only that, you need a whole infrastructure around you: a guild, guild plots etc. And given that there is a limited amount of guild-plots in the world, you'd have to fight already established guilds for territories to even be able to build your second infrastructure.

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